How to hack a password protected Word document

If you need to edit a Word 2010 document that has been protected against a editing with a password, all you have to do is this.

  • Save the document as an XML file
  • Open the XML file in Notepad or any other text editor
  • Look for the code that looks something like this:

w:documentProtection w:edit=”forms” w:enforcement=”1″ w:cryptProviderType=”rsaFull” w:cryptAlgorithmClass=”hash” w:cryptAlgorithmType=”typeAny” w:cryptAlgorithmSid=”4″ w:cryptSpinCount=”100000″ w:hash=”QtaIYzaqdsNY6+rDiZireRTIcR0=” w:salt=”Nm32FUBbspiQM+Rpm9VWIg==”

  • Delete it
  • Save the changes to the XML file
  • Open the XML file again in word, and save it as a word file again

It should also work in other versions of Word, but I only tested it with 2010 files


  1. Kasper says

    If the document is password protected, how would i be able to open it and save it as an XML file?

  2. Brian says

    Thanks, you just saved me about 6 hours for not having to rebuild this nightmare of a document.

  3. Tasha says

    I tried to use this but the encryption appears to be more complicated… when I deleted everything between the s in the area that involved the word “encrypt” it does get me a step further but now when I open it in word it says that my password is incorrect… though before I even enter a password. Clearly i have deleted the script that provides the option to enter a password… just not the actual password protection itself. Any suggestions?

  4. John says

    Awesome! Worked like a charm! And, after making minor fixes, you can even restore the “protection” block (paste it back) into the original location, and it is protected once again. Thanks!!!

  5. Diane says

    Hey, how can i save the document if i cant even open it because it’s password protected? please heelp :((

  6. Gurkan says

    Do you have any idea for cracking about a file named “EncryptionInfo” which zipped and extracted from password protected MS word file like this:


  7. niki says

    i cant find something like that to delete
    help me it is very important for me
    i will lost my job if…
    heeeeeelp me

  8. Robs says

    Thank You.
    I was sceptical initially, and spend a lot of time searching for the code. Then “ctrl+f” searched for word “algorithm”, bingo.
    Thank you dude.

  9. sfroebel says

    Awesome! Thank you! We had a form that was going to a new page because of extra hard returns in a data box. Being able to go in and remove them to better format the form will save paper.

    In answer to Tasha’s problem, I used “ctrl-f” on “protect” then isolated the entire statement from opening “” and deleted it.

  10. LANIE says

    I have done all the steps but when opening in word 2010 again, a box appears asking in which format we want to open the document, in all the options, NONE is like the original document -mostly encryption.
    Did we deleted to much detail in Notepad?

  11. Jane says

    Like Diane, I can’t work out how you would be able to save the file before you can open it!

  12. Rammy says

    Hi, i am unable to save the document like u said, as it is pass word protected. pls suggest me if u can.

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